2018 Bruges Triennial (Innbundet)

Liquid City


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Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2018
Antall sider: 160
Forlag: Stichting Kunstboek BVBA
Språk: Engelsk / Flamsk
ISBN/EAN: 9789058565990
Omtale 2018 Bruges Triennial
The world is in transition. Established ideas and lifestyles are under pressure: everything is in flux. This volatility and ambivalence can lead to uncertainty and even fear. The 2018 Bruges Triennial: Liquid City offers a beacon of hope, presenting a fluid, open and engaged city; Bruges as an engine of social, cultural and political change; a creative melting pot for encounters of all kinds; and a breeding ground for urban innovation.

The liquid city of Bruges - literally ringed by the water that once brought it prosperity and fame - becomes a metaphorical Liquid City, characterised by fluidity, transition, influx and exchange: a continuous artistic dynamism that at times flows gently and at others turbulently through the city.

The 2018 Bruges Triennial: Liquid City invites internationally acclaimed artists and architects from around the world to interpret the 'Liquid City' theme. They create an art trail dotted with temporary hospitable spaces, conceptual representations and unexpected places for encounters within the historic city centre.

Text in English and Dutch.

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