50 Ways to Read Your Lover (Heftet)

Secret Strategies That Reveal the Real Him


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2003
Antall sider: 240
Forlag: Simon & Schuster
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9780743229562
Omtale 50 Ways to Read Your Lover
When she meets a man who sets her heart racing, a girl can't help wondering, "Is he the one?" Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to the question and usually she's left to trust her gut feeling and crossed fingers to take her where she wants to go. Until now. 50 WAYS TO READ YOUR LOVER calls on the wisdom of the ancient and the modern to help a woman get the low-down on her lover. It features typology tests and compatibility quizzes drawing on dozens of disciplines and theories--from The Four Humours and the I Ching to handwriting analysis and birth order--to paint a picture of her true romantic prospects. A treasure trove of pillow talk and parlour games, 50 Ways to Read Your Lover is a lively, powerful tool for a woman who wants to take the fate of her heart into her own hands.

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