Agents of chaos 1 (Heftet)

hero's trial

Serie: Star Wars. The new Jedi order 


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2000
Antall sider: 352
Forlag: Del Rey Books
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9780345428608
Kategori: Fantasy og Science Fiction
Omtale Agents of chaos 1
Merciless attacks by an invincable alien force have left the New Republic reeling. Dozens of worlds have succumbed to occupation or annihilation, and even the Jedi Knights have tasted defeat. In these darkest of times, the noble Chewbacca is laid to rest, having died as heroically as he lived - and a grief-stricken Han Solo is left to fit the pieces of his shattered life back together before he loses everything: friends, family, and faith.
Refusing to help Leia or Luke, Han becomes the loner he once was, seeking to escape his partner's death in adventure.and revenge. When he learns that an old friend from his smuggling days is operating as a mercenary for the enemy, he sets out to expose the traitor. But Han's investigation uncovers an even greater evil: a sinister conspiracy aimed at the very heart of the New Republic's will and ability to fight - the Jedi.
Now Han must face down his inner demons and, with the help of a new and unexpected ally, honor Chewbacca's sacrifice in the only way that matters - by being worthy of it.

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Agents of chaos 1
Engelsk Heftet 2000

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