Alonso and the Drug Baron (Heftet)

Serie: Macmillan Caribbean Writers 


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2006
Antall sider: 208
Forlag: Macmillan Education
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781405031752
Omtale Alonso and the Drug Baron
Everybody wants Alonso dead. Detective Sergeant Swaby of the Jamaica Constabulary, who has set him up to take the rap for Chin Lee's murder, wants Alonso dead. The assassin Bulldog, who threw Chin Lee's body over the balcony of one-one-one, wants Alonso dead. The powerful but impotent drug baron Leprosini, whom Chin Lee was trying to double-cross, wants Alonso dead. The corrupt minister Magnus Bonanza, in cahoots with Leprosini, wants Alonso dead. Even Ras Clawt, the magnificently endowed freedom fighter, will kill Alonso if he makes a wrong move. Inoffensive and harmless, Alonso finds himself arrested, kidnapped, shot at, on the run and feigning madness. To cap it all, someone lands a plane on his head. The only way Alonso can hope to return to his pleasantly idle life as nightwatchman at the Casuarina Cottage Hotel, where he enjoys five star cuisine and the warm arms of precious Ting, is to find out the true facts of Chin Lee's death and so persuade Authority to exonerate him.

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