Beginning Sensor Networks with XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino (Heftet)

Sensing the World with Python and MicroPython


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2020
Antall sider: 716
Forlag: APress
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781484257951
Omtale Beginning Sensor Networks with XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino
Build sensor networks with Python and MicroPython using XBee radio modules, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino boards. This revised and updated edition will put all of these together to form a sensor network, and show you how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a MySQL database server to store your sensor data!
You'll review the different types of sensors and sensor networks, along with new technology, including how to build a simple XBee network. You'll then walk through building an sensor nodes on the XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, and also learn how to collect data from multiple sensor nodes. The book also explores different ways to store sensor data, including writing to an SD card, sending data to the cloud, and setting up a Raspberry Pi MySQL server to host your data. You'll even learn how to connect to and interact with a MySQL database server directly from an Arduino! Finally you'll see how to put it all together by connecting your sensor nodes to your new Raspberry Pi database server.
If you want to see how well XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino can get along, especially to create a sensor network, then Beginning Sensor Networks with XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino is just the book you need.
What You'll Learn

Code your sensor nodes with Python and MicroPython

Work with new XBee 3 modules
Host your data on Raspberry Pi
Get started with MySQL
Create sophisticated sensor networks

Who This Book Is For

Those interested in building or experimenting with sensor networks and IoT solutions, including those with little or no programming experience. A secondary target includes readers interested in using XBee modules with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, those interested in controlling XBee modules with MicroPython.

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