Breaking the Time Barrier (Heftet)

The Race to Build the First Time Machine


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Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2005
Antall sider: 288
Forlag: Simon & Schuster
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9780743492591
Kategori: Naturvitenskap og Matematikk
Omtale Breaking the Time Barrier
With more than a million and a half copies of her books in print, Jenny Randles has become one of the most respected writers on the paranormal of all time. The subject of her latest book, however, while once considered the province of the paranormal, has very recently become something much more: a science. BREAKING THE TIME BARRIER takes readers right into the labs that are working to prove that time travel is no fantasy. The quest for a time machine is an old one, and Randles' narrative takes readers back to the surprising efforts of Edison, Tesla and Marconi to achieve what was once considered impossible. Not until much later would developments in relativity, quantum mechanics and optical computers turn skeptics like Stephen Hawking into tentative believers. The result has been an explosion in scientific work and theory that can only be called incredible: altering the speed of light, replaying the energy of past events, alternative realities, and more. As scientists across the globe dabble in these and other tantalizing notions, the possibility of a real time machine grows stronger every day. Including thought-provoking speculations on what such developments would mean for our everyday lives, BREAKING THE TIME BARRIER is as bewitching as it is authoritative and deeply researched - a book that takes readers to the outer limits of a power that will change humanity forever.

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