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Utgivelsesår: 2009
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Språk: Engelsk
Serienummer: 11
ISBN/EAN: 9789176787311
Omtale CISG Part II Conference, Stockholm, 4-5 September 2008
The CISG Part II Conference was held in Stockholm on 4–5 September 2008. The Conference was held in honour and remembrance of the late Supreme Court Justice Hans-Gunnar Solerud, the first chairman of the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law. The Conference was organised by the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law in co-operation with the Swedish Ministry of Justice.

- The CISG from a Common Law Perspective
Michael Bridge

- Scandinavian Contract Law and its Implication on CISG – the Danish Approach
Torsten Iversen

- Changes proposed in the Nordic stance on the CISG
Jan Kleineman and Tom Madell

- CISG Case Law and the Scandinavian Part II Reservations - Some Reflections on the CISG Part II Conference at the University of Stockholm, 4–5 September 2008
Joseph Lookofsky

- The Scandinavian Reservation under Art. 92 CISG
Ulrich Magnus

- The Effect of CISG on Swedish Contract Law – now and in the Future
Jan Ramberg

- CISG – a Uniform Law within the Sphere of Conflict of Laws
Carolina Saf

- The CISG – A Story of Worldwide Success
Ingeborg Schwenzer and Pascal Hachem

- Scandinavian Contract Law and its Implication on CISG – The Finnish Approach Leif Sevón

- Nordic hesitancy regarding Part II of the CISG
Lena Sisula-Tulokas

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