Detox In A Box (2 Cd, 64-Page Book, 70 Flashcards Included) (Ukjent)


Innbinding: Ukjent
Utgivelsesår: 2006
Forlag: STR3
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781591791003
Omtale Detox In A Box (2 Cd, 64-Page Book, 70 Flashcards Included)
Created by holistic physician Mark Hyman, M.D., The Detox Box gives you everything you need to complete a safe, effective, and medically informed detoxification program at home. Designed for total cleansing to remove toxins and allergens, boost immunity, and restore energy levels, the program can be done in 7, 14, or 21 days.

The Detox Box includes:
64-page study guide with record-keeping section to track your progress
2 CDs-one featuring a detailed presentation on the scientific reasons we need to detoxify, the other leads you through three twenty-minute yoga sequences specifically designed to support you as you detoxify
70 flash cards laying out every step of the program-diet and supplements, contemplative activities and yoga practices, preparation checklists, daily schedules, shopping lists, and more
Two questionnaires to help you assess your levels of exposure

Produced by Susan Piver and Padma Media.

Does Your Body's Detox System Need a Jump Start? The Detox Box contains questionnaires to help you determine if you should undertake the program, and, if so, how often. Try this short self-evaluation:
1. Are you strongly bothered by gasoline fumes or common household cleaners?
2. Do you have a negative reaction when you eat foods containing preservatives or MSG?
3. Do you feel "wired up" when you drink even small amounts of coffee or black tea?
4. Are you exposed to synthetic carpeting?
5. Do you take antacids?
6. Does your family have a history of cancer?
7. Have you experienced food allergies?
8. Do you regularly consume alcohol or tobacco?
9. Are you exposed daily to cell phones, computers, or microwaves?
10. Does pollen, grass, or ragweed bother you? If you answer "yes" to five or more of these questions, you would likely benefit from a complete detoxification program.

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