Edexcel AS Unit 1 Option D3: Russia in Revolution, 1881- 1924 (Heftet)

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Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2012
Antall sider: 120
Forlag: HarperCollins Publishers
Språk: Engelsk
Serie: Student Support Materials for History
ISBN/EAN: 9780007457397
Omtale Edexcel AS Unit 1 Option D3: Russia in Revolution, 1881- 1924
Enable students to succeed in their exam with Russia in Revolution 1881-1924. This study aid contains all the key information that students need for Edexcel History AS Unit 1 Option D3, clearly laid out with Examiners' and Essential notes. Also included are graded essays with full comments from experienced examiners on how to secure higher grades.
Russia in Revolution, 1881-1924: From Autocracy to Dictatorship covers all the content and skills your students will need for their Edexcel AS Unit 1 Option D3 examination, including:
* Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION: THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE IN 1881Including - The Russian Empire: land and people; government
* Chapter 2: CHALLENGES TO THE TSARIST STATE, 1881-1906Including - Alexander III and repression, 1881-1894; peasant Russia before 1905; industrial development; Sergei Witte; the growth of opposition to Tsarism; Socialist Revolutionaries; Bolsheviks and Mensheviks; 1905 revolution
* Chapter 3: TSARISM'S LAST CHANCE, 1906-17Including - Repression; reform; impact of war, 1914-1917; downfall of the Romanovs, February 1917
* Chapter 4: FEBRUARY TO OCTOBER 1917Including - The Provisional Government and its problems; Lenin and the April Theses; July Days and the Kornilov affair; Bolshevik seizure of power, October 1917
* Chapter 5: THE BOLSHEVIK CONSOLIDATION OF POWER, 1918-24Including - The Bolsheviks in power, 1917-18; the Civil War; war communism and the NEP; politics and society in NEP Russia; Lenin's Russia in 1924
* Chapter 6: EXAM SKILLS
* Index

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