Get Started with Origami: Teach Yourself 2010 (Heftet)

Serie: Teach Yourself - General 


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Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2010
Antall sider: 208
Forlag: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Språk: Engelsk
Serie: Teach Yourself - General
ISBN/EAN: 9781444103762
Omtale Get Started with Origami: Teach Yourself 2010
Is this the right book for me? New edition, revised by David Brill, of the British Origami Society and includes new diagrams for the reader to follow to make new models Robert Harbin's pioneering book provides a comprehensive introduction to this simple and inexpensive, yet creative and absorbing art form. It includes a complete history of origami (or the art of paperfolding), from its origins in the twelfth century. It provides information on the essentials of origami, followed by over 400 diagrams with clear and easy-to-follow instructions that show how to create a range of models. The book's aim is to provide a new dimension in enjoyment, infinite and unrivalled in its capacity to make you relax and forget everything else. Get Started with Origami includes: A short history of origami Postscripts The essentials of origami A note on symbols Symbols Reverse folds Feet Bird's head House G.I. cap Boat Salt cellar Colour changers Spanish box Box and lid Turban Samurai hat Sampan Water hat Cube Sanbow 1 Sanbow 2 Dish Basket Multiform Gondola Bird base Flapping bird Pigeon Praying moor Frog Bat mask Penguin 1 Penguin 2 Rabbit Tropical bird 1 Tropical bird 2 Mother hubbard's dog Mother hubbard Friar Tuck Squirrel Printer's hat Decoration 1 Decoration 2 Frisbee and star Japanese gentleman Japanese lady Fish Ornithonimus Aladdin's lamp Ostrich Pink elephant Swans Stunt plane Taking it further Learn effortlessly with an easy-to-read page design and new added features: - Brand new edition, with personal insights, tips, and summaries throughout the book - Extension articles online - Every book gives you one, five and ten-minute bites of learning to get you started

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