How To Never Look Fat Again (Heftet)

Over 1000 Ways to Dress Thinner - Without Dieting


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2011
Antall sider: 272
Forlag: Little, Brown & Company
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9780446547468
Omtale How To Never Look Fat Again
Are your clothes making you look fat? How else do you explain how some days you look your thinnest and other days you don't -when you weigh exactly the same? What is packing on the pounds? Charla Krupp, will answer these questions and many more in this amazing new style guide. She'll share smart, easy ways to hide arm flaps, big busts, muffin tops, back fat, Buddha belly, booty, wide hips, thunder thighs, heavy calves and that's only half the chapters. She'll look at special problems like how not to look fat in work-out gear, evening wear and even in a swimsuit! Charla discusses everything about women's clothes from shape and fit to fabric and colour. Each chapter has a checklist to determine if the body part in question is a problem; how to get a 'no-fat' look; a list of fabrics, colour and styles that will make you look fat; and the absolutely best shades, shapes and material that will slim you down; a list of products and fashions you shouldn't waste a penny on and a list of 10 things to have you looking thinner by tonight! Plus there's a list of brilliant buys. Every woman you know puts something on and asks, 'Does this make me look fat?' This is the book for them.

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