I'll Be Seeing You (Heftet)


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Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 1994
Forlag: Simon & Schuster
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9780671888589
Omtale I'll Be Seeing You
In I'II Be Seeing You, Mary Higgins Clark, America's "Queen of Suspense, " tells a spellbinding tale of murder and duplicity, of hidden lives and medical secrets. Meghan Collins, a television news reporter, is covering a story in the emergency room of a large metropolitan hospital when a young woman is rushed in on a stretcher, victim of a stabbing. Meghan stares down at the dead Jane Doe. What she sees in that terrible moment begins a chain of discovery that exposes the secret lives of the people closest to her. Ten months earlier, Meghan's father had disappeared, presumed to be lost in a tragic bridge accident, where cars, trailer trucks and fuel tankers plunged through the railing into the icy Hudson River. But no trace has heen found of Edwin Collins' body, nor the wreckage of his car. Meghan's mother, neither widow nor wife, is unable to convert joint assets she needs to retain ownership of the family inn. Before his disappearance, Edwin Collins had taken all the cash out of his substantial insurance policies. Now, in absentia, he becomes the suspect in a brutal murder. Meghan decides to pursue the identity of the dead girl, find her murderer, and clear her own father's name. Her search is inexorably entwined with a story she is sent to do at the Manning Clinic, an in vitro fertilization center, where babies are conceived in the lab and preserved in test tubes - a clinic where women go seeking the children nature has till now denied them. That fateful night in the emergency room sets Meghan off on a path of deceit and death involving her missing father, the stabbing victim, and the Manning Clinic that does not end until she comes face to face with the truths that may cost her herlife. This is Mary Higgins Clark's most suspenseful book to date.

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