Living Along the Autism Spectrum (Digitalt format)

What Does it Mean to Have Autism or Asperger Syndrome?


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Innbinding: Digitalt format
Utgivelsesår: 2010
Forlag: AAPC Publishing
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781934575321
Omtale Living Along the Autism Spectrum
In this frank discussion of the human costs and benefits of autism spectrum disorders, we get the perspectives of an individual on the spectrum (Shore), who is also a professional in the field of ASD, and that of a psychologist working primarily with families of children with disabilities and the father of a son who has autism (Naseef). The discussion is expertly moderated by a psychologist and speaker and writer on disabilities, who, while not on the spectrum himself, has grandson who has an autism spectrum disorder (Gottlieb). Insightful and at times very moving, the discussion covers more than symptoms, trying to get at what autism means in human terms. The major topics include: empathy/compassion, sensory issues, social skills, anxiety, 'differentness', adult issues, including employment, siblings, family grief and anguish, as well as cultural implications of ASD. In addition to individual viewing, the DVD is ideal for discussion in parent groups, teacher training, professional development, and general public awareness.

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