Living the Dream: The Morning After Art School (Heftet)



Forfatter: og
Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2017
Antall sider: 277
Forlag: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co ,U.S.
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781524904203
Omtale Living the Dream: The Morning After Art School
You've likely been asked over and over, ""What are you going to do with an art degree?""
And maybe you've been asking yourself that very question.

The career of an artist, like that of an actor or musician, is not one that looks like the traditional careers that many of your friends will have. You are a creative individual, an artist, and you've always done things your way.

Designed to mimic the creative process of artists, Living the Dream...The Morning After Art School gives current or former art majors insights and tools to help navigate life as highly capable artists trying to put together a living from a variety of income streams.

Living the Dream...The Morning After Art School exposes readers to creative ways of considering their career options. It uses terms familiar to the academic study of art, and in this way, a world that is foreign and overwhelming to many aspiring professional artists is brought easily and clearly into their comfort zone, equipping them for their quest to build a life doing what they love.

Topics covered include planning, interpersonal skills, resume / website design tips, art exhibition skills, artist statements, and other important aspects of a career in the arts.

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