Master! (Lydbok-CD)


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Innbinding: Lydbok-CD
Utgivelsesår: 2021
Forlag: Big Finish Productions Ltd
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781838683177
Omtale Master!
Abandoned in the Vortex, the Master's lost incarnation is about to be thrown a lifeline. Earth rebuilds in the aftermath of invasion, and power rests with those who innovate. Genius Lila Kreeg makes a deal with the devil to see her dreams.
As the Master returns, there are those - like Vienna Salvatori - who wish to hurt him, and those upon whom he wishes vengeance himself... 1. Faustian by Robert Valentine. Drake Enterprises is the most powerful company on Earth. Dr Lila Kreeg is its most valued asset. But her experiments open a doorway which allow an evil back into the universe. The
Master can offer Lila the world, so long as she obeys him...2. Prey by Robert Whitelock. Impossibly glamorous assassin Vienna Salvatori has a new target. Crossing time and space, Vienna takes one final job to free her from this life.
But when the Master is hunted through the slums and ganglands of London, the line is blurred between predator and prey...
3. Vengeance by Matt Fitton. The Daleks are returning. Their plan, long in the making, is complete. Earth will be theirs once
more. But someone stands against them. Someone with his own reasons for revenge - and Vienna and Lila are caught in the crossfire. Because Earth's greatest hope against the Daleks lies with the Master. Cast: Eric Roberts (The Master), Chase Masterson (Vienna Salvatore), Laura Aikman (Lila
Kreeg), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Alistair Petrie (Magnus Drake), Rachel Atkins (Cathrin
Travers/Inga), Susan Hingley (Sassparilla/Li Zhao), Glen McCready (Eddi Bhole), Andrew
James Spooner (Artie/King Muggy). Other parts played by members of the cast

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