Medicine on board (Innbundet)

handbook for seafarers and maritime academies



Roy Lysaa (Illustratør) Aksel Schreiner (Illustratør) Susan Schanche (Oversetter) Michael Brady (Oversetter) Aksel Schreiner (Oversetter) Shari Nilsen (Oversetter)

Forfatter: og
Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2008
Antall sider: 229
Illustratør: Lysaa, Roy og Schreiner, Aksel
Forlag: Fagbokforlaget
Språk: Engelsk
Originaltittel: Medisin ombord
Oversatt av: Schanche, Susan , Brady, Michael , Schreiner, Aksel og Nilsen, Shari
ISBN/EAN: 9788245007084
Kategori: Helse- og sosialfag
Omtale Medicine on board
Medicine on board is a plain and simple, but comprehensive manual in first aid and basic medicine for maritime officers and students at maritime academies. The book offers an elaborate description of prevention, treatment and surveillance of medical conditions at sea. The text is mainly based on symptoms and arranged according to the organ systems. By means of a great number of illustrations, the manual offers a concise instruction in examinations and treatment that can be performed on board a vessel. Topics such as problems of multicultural workplaces, warfare at sea, health and environment, and social security for seafarers are also included. Even if the book is mainly aimed at seamen, all institutions involved in the teaching of first aid and basic medicine will profit from it. Medicine on board is edited, and partly written, by Aksel Schreiner who has 40 years of experience as a doctor, and 22 years as leader of Radio Medico, and by Leif Aanderud who is anaesthesiologist with a broad experience in acute medicine, burns and diving medicine.

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