Norwegian national recipes (Innbundet)

an inspiring journey in the culinary history of Norway



Forfatter: og
Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2000
Antall sider: 352
Forlag: Norsk fakta forl.
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9788278880302
Kategori: Mat og drikke
Omtale Norwegian national recipes
An inspiring journey in the culinary history of Norway.
"Norwegians eat to live, while the French live to eat." For years this fit the notion of Norwegian food. To many, Norwegian cuisine seemed a contradiction of terms, an oxymoron. This book has not only proved this view wrong; it has rekindled Norwegian pride and interest in traditional foods and cooking. After reading this book you will also realize that Norway has more to offer than lutefisk and lefse!
Master Chef Arne Brimi, a popular TV celebrity from NRK programs like "Gutta paa tur" ("Guys on the go") and "Naturens Kjoeken" ("Nature's Kitchen"), invites you on an inspiring journey to every corner of Norway. A noted chef from each of the seven major geographic regions serves up distinctive and representative recipes.
Visit the narrow valleys, deep fjords, towering mountains, fruitful islands, solemn forests, and productive fields of Norway in the comfort of your own kitchen. At the same time, learn how past generations prepared traditional dishes. Many of the recipes survive intact from bygone eras, others are modern versions of old traditions, still others are inspiring new ways to use the raw materials so abundant in the Norwegian landscape.
"Norwegian National recipes" combines the singularities of Norwegian culture, history, and geography with the culinary traditions of many centuries. The winner of Norwegian awards for photography, design, and printing, each page is a work of art. More than a cookbook - "Norwegian National Recipes" is a history book and a travel guide. If you have Norwegian roots, a general interest in Scandinavia, or are simply fascinated by culinary history, this book is for you.
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