Principles of Economics in Context (Innbundet)


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Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2019
Antall sider: 798
Forlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781138344037
Omtale Principles of Economics in Context
The study of economics should not be highly abstract, but closely related to real-world events. Principles of Economics in Context addresses this challenge, laying out the principles of micro-and macroeconomics in a manner that is thorough, up to date and relevant to students, keeping theoretical exposition close to experience. Emphasizing writing that is compelling, clear, and attractive to students, it addresses such critical concerns as ecological sustainability, distributional equity, the quality of employment, and the adequacy of living standards.

Key features include:

Clear explanation of basic concepts and analytical tools, with Discussion Questions at the end of each section, encouraging immediate review of what has been read and relating the material to the students' own experience;
Full complement of instructor and student support materials online, including test banks and grading through Canvas;
Key terms highlighted in boldface throughout the text, and important ideas and definitions set off from the main text;
A glossary at the end of the book containing all key terms, their definitions, and the number of the chapter(s) in which each was first used and defined.

Updates for the second edition include:

Expanded coverage of topics including inequality, financialization and debt issues, the changing nature of jobs, and sustainable development;
New material on wage discrimination by race and gender; an expanded section on labor markets and immigration;
Updated discussion of fiscal policy to include more recent developments such as the Trump tax cuts;
New material on behavioral economics, public goods, and climate change policy; a new section on "The Economics of Renewable Energy."

This new, affordable edition combines the just-released new editions of Microeconomics in Context and Macroeconomics in Context to provide an integrated full-year text covering all aspects of both micro-and macro-analysis and application, with many up-to-date examples and extensive supporting Web resources for instructors and students.

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