Scammed within 60 days (Heftet)


Innbinding: Heftet
Utgivelsesår: 2021
Antall sider: 109
Forlag: Solentro
Språk: Svensk
ISBN/EAN: 9789175656656
Omtale Scammed within 60 days
PAUL: I never get tired of listening to your messages. I love when you are talking, smiling, laughing, and I wish I could share everything with you. All sad and joyful moments, your ups and downs, every single moment of your day. Share. I am here. Be free to express yourself.

SOFIA: You are an interesting man Paul. Your voice has left a deep impact on me.

PAUL: Keep me in your thoughts. Trust me. Dream with me. Be ready to assist when called upon to stand firm in love and strife. We are going to be best friends and lovers. At a very tender age, my folks indoctrinated a positive attitude to life with honesty and good will. I have always been a one-man one-woman person. At the age of 46, I need to push myself to the limit. I want you to walk down the road together with me. We can make the world our oyster. You deserve to be happy and feel special every day, because you are special.

Sofia gets in touch with Paul on Tinder, the perfect man in every way; responsive, loving, empathetic with very good finances. The contact between Sofia and Paul is intense. Sofia receives red flags from time to time but ignores them as "that's nothing", "Paul really exists", "He can not be a fraudster". He has "proved" to Sofia that he really exists; talked to him on the phone (though never facetime), texting, seen documents, photos. Sofia began to understand that something was not quite right, but realized, too late, that she had been deceived.

I wrote this book because I wanted to read about authentic cases, how fraudsters think and manipulate their victims. For the fraudster, it's just a matter of taking as much as possible without conscience.
The fraudster does not work alone. He has a team of professional groups behind him who have honed their knowledge and routines on how they can best deceive people.
The victim is left with feelings of emptiness, shame, anger, bitterness and loneliness.

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