The New Counter-Measures: Series 1 (Lydbok-CD)

Serie: The New Counter-measures 


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Innbinding: Lydbok-CD
Utgivelsesår: 2017
Forlag: Big Finish Productions Ltd
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781785752032
Omtale The New Counter-Measures: Series 1
Four new investigations for Sir Toby Kinsella and his specialist team. 1. Nothing to See Here by Guy Adams. A series of violent bank robberies are baffling the Swiss police. It's time for New Counter-Measures to step into the breach. But as the crime spree escalates and one of the team gets closely involved, are they going in too deep? Can you go undercover even from yourself? 2. Troubled Waters by Ian Potter. When a lost submarine is found, the New Counter-Measures team are sent into the depths to investigate. But why? What unusual scheme was being hatched on board? Who has very special designs on Allison? And what's happened to the crew? Counter-Measures is a Big Finish spin-off using characters from a hugely popular Doctor Who story, Remembrance of the Daleks in brand new adventures confronting conspiracy and alien threats to the world. 3. The Phoenix Strain by Christopher Hatherall. After tourists are attacked by the birds circling Parliament Square, Sir Toby Kinsella suspects London is about to turn into an Alfred Hitchcock movie. With feathered foes everywhere, the race is on to find out what's happening...and whether this biblical plague can even be stopped at all. 4.A
Gamble With Time by John Dorney. In the glamorous casinos of Monte Carlo, a nefarious scheme is being hatched. Fortunately, the New Counter-Measures team are on hand to prevent a disaster. But are they betting with the right hand? When they're playing against Lady Suzanne Clare, all bets are off. The last Counter-Measures series ended on a huge cliffhanger discussed on social media far and wide. A two-hour special release carried the story on, and introduced the new setting. Hugh Ross stars as Sir Toby Kinsella in this full-cast audio production featuring movie-quality sound editing and effects. CAST: Simon Williams (Group Captain Gilmore), Pamela Salem(Rachel Jensen), Karen Gledhill (Allison Williams), Hugh Ross (Sir Toby Kinsella), Carolyn Seymour (Lady Suzanne Clare), Tam Williams (Gus Kalwarowksy / Dave and Martin), Joanna Bending (Croupier / Tessa Collins), George Asprey (Balthasar Schrek), Robin Weaver (Edwige Ponzi), Gunnar Cauthery (Franz), Christian Edwards (Alex), Vincent Carmichael (Machado), David Rintoul (Lord Henry Balfour), Claire Calbraith (Starling), Andrew Wincott (Professor Abrams).

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