The Story of the Little Mole (Plop-up Edition) New Edition (Eksperimentell innbinding)


Innbinding: Eksperimentell innbinding
Utgivelsesår: 2014
Antall sider: 24
Forlag: Pavilion Books
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN/EAN: 9781843652700
Omtale The Story of the Little Mole (Plop-up Edition) New Edition
The outrageous bestseller now in a new edition of the hilarious pop-up! Who did their business on the mole's head? Join the intrepid mole as he sets out to find the culprit and exact his revenge in his own little way. "The Story of the Little Mole" is a favourite story loved by children and their parents all around the world with over a million copies sold! And now, you play along with compelling pop-ups, tabs to pull and flaps to lift!

This edition includes the following features:

Opening scene: Poo falling, Mole popping out of hole (as previous ed)

Mole on hill: No longer a pop-up

Rabbit: Rabbit pops up, poo appear when tab is pulled (as previous ed but mole does not move head)

Horse: Flap opens to reveal poo (as previous ed)

Pig: Poo falls onto ground (as previous ed)

Cow: Pull tab to reveal poo (as previous ed)

Bird: Bird pops up, poo falls to ground (as previous ed)

Goat: Turn wheel and poo falls (as previous ed but goat does not move head)

Flies: Flies fly around mole's head (as previous edition on right but without movement on left-hand page)

Dog: Poo appears on dog's head and mole runs (as previous edition)

Final: Mole Disappears down hole (as previous edition)

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