Omtale Theories and perspectives in business administration
Business administration is a scientific field described as complex, diverse, and eclectic. Acknowledging the multiplicity of the field and the many challenges faced by students of business administration, there is a need for a book on theories and perspectives and how they can be applied. This book outlines a broad set of contemporary and frequently used theories and perspectives.

Based on a selection conducted through a survey and discussions with colleagues, sixteen theories and perspectives are presented by the contributing authors. The book covers both a tradition based on the assumption of economic man and the more interpretivist-oriented traditions. It addresses undergraduate and graduate students who want to apply a specific theory or perspective to study phenomena within the field of business administration research.

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Flere bøker av Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, Magnus Hansson, Fredrik Nilsson, Johan Alvehus, Helén Anderson, Charlotta Bay, Anna Bengtson, Emilia Florin Samuelsson, Peter Frii, Mikael Gidhagen, Nanna Gillberg, Jan Greve, Linda Höglund, Tobias Johansson, Hans Kjellberg, Hans Knutsson, Johnny Lind, Eva Lindell, Susanne Lundholm, Maria Norbäck, Cecilia Pahlberg, Jens Rennstam, Ebba B:dotter Sjögren, Pamela Schultz Nybacka, Alexander Styhre, Oscar Stålnacke, Peter Svensson, David Sörhammar, Fredrik Tell, Sofia Ulver, Linda Wedlin, Peter Öhman og Jacob Östberg: