Omtale Waiting for the machines to fall asleep
26 short stories from the new wave of Swedish speculative fiction writers.

Forget about cheap furniture, meatballs and crime fiction. Sweden has so much more to offer. Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep includes twenty-six stories from the new generation of Swedish writers of science fiction and the fantastic. Stories ranging from space horror and post-apocalyptic nightmares to tender dramas. Stories with steampunk horses, android uprisings and cheeky goblins. Stories that are action-packed, wise, silly, beautiful, surreal and horrifying.

"... a strong collection of stories" - Tangent

"Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep is - without any kind of doubt - one of the best and most impressive speculative fiction anthologies of the year." -

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Flere bøker av Maria Haskins, Björn Engström, Patrik Centerwall, Anders Blixt, My Bergström, KG Johansson, Oskar Källner, Anna Jakobsson Lund, Markus Sköld, Eva Holmquist, Sara Kopljar, AR Yngve, Andrea Grave-Müller, Christina Nordlander, Ingrid Remvall, Lupina Ojala, Erik Odeldahl, Boel Bermann, Love Kölle, Pia Lindestrand, Alexandra Nero, Johannes Pinter, Andrew Coulthard, Tora Greve, Jonas Larsson og Hans Olsson: